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iuraverse FindU Program

iuraverse Technology is a cloud computing-based and blockchain-enabled Online Dispute Resolution platform.

We all are aware of the current scenario of the Indian Judicial System which is facing common issues of litigation pendency, judicial vacancy, long going judicial matter and adjournments. This loophole has given birth to the concept of Alternate Dispute Resolution i.e.  Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation.

Online Dispute Resolution - Background

The future of justice should be conceptualized beyond the confines of brick and mortar. It has been rightly said that - courts should be a service, not a place. It can be a service that is accessible, robust and outcome-oriented. With this vision, we, at iuraverse, are all set to launch the Online Dispute Resolution platform which is similar to an online Court system that is more affordable and convenient. Our motto is - “Justice should be accessible to all”.

What is FindU Campus Ambassador Program?

We call it - FindU Campus Ambassador Program. 

The FindU Campus Ambassador Program is a state-of-art future Arbitrator Programme that will help you to find success as an Arbitrator or a Lawyer in the field of Legal Practice. 


Under this programme, you will get an opportunity to become a campus ambassador of your respective college for 3 months. This means that you will be the only point of contact between your college and the iuraverse, acting as our brand ambassador for all the students on your campus. Campus ambassadors represent iuraverse and are given the responsibility of hosting various activities such as hackathons, seminars and webinars etc.

Eligibility Criteria for the Campus Ambassador Program

To become a campus ambassador, there are only two requirements:

  1. The person should be pursuing Law (any semester)

  2. The person should be outspoken

Process of becoming a Campus Ambassador

Here are the steps involved in becoming a campus ambassador:


  • Apply for the Campus Ambassador by sending an e-mail to 

  • You must wait for your application to become shortlisted

  • Once shortlisted, you will be asked to appear for a short test on Legal Research

  • If you are selected, you will be sent your offer letter and be given details of your joining and immediate tasks

  • Before starting, you will be given an induction session that will clear your doubts and introduce you to the responsibilities of a campus ambassador

  • After completion of formalities, you will be officially representing iuraverse on your campus and you can kick start.

Career benefits of the FindU Campus Ambassador Programme

Becoming FindU Campus Ambassador have many benefits. Other than becoming a part of India’s largest community, you will be amplifying your social impact by bringing together your fellow students for the purposes of learning new legal skills and technological advancement and ultimately acing your career. There will be a reward for all your efforts - 


  • You will get exclusive access to the iuraverse ODR Programme and iuravers’ Meta Space. This prestigious programme comes up with various perquisites and further internship opportunities.

  • If you are looking for employability, you will be honoured with a Campus Ambassador Certificate by iuraverse which will improve your employability and credibility.

  •  If you are looking to become a successful founder of your start-up, you will be rewarded with benefits such as - credits up to Rs 1 Cr (Perquisites), Incubation and mentorship opportunities etc.


Here are some additional benefits that the programme brings:

  • Become the brand ambassador for iuraverse and use your creativity to stand out of the crowd

  • Improve your career prospects

  • Gain leadership skills and increase your network

  • Get valuable guidance and mentorship from industry professionals and domain experts

  • Organize seminars, events and competitions, thus earning credibility as a host, coordinator and organizer

  •  Get recommendations from experts and important figures in the industry

  • Get better at management and communication while becoming more confident by reaching milestones or goals

  • Become influential and a master of engagement

  • Work with great minds and learn from the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why FindU Campus Ambassador Programme?


This programme will help you become more credible as a future corporate leader or a successful lawyer. By joining this programme, you will become a campus ambassador.


Who can apply?

Anyone - who is currently pursuing any UG/PG degree from college and who is having thrust to develop his own skills and qualities.

What tasks do I need to perform?


Your tasks will be primarily focused on introducing the FindU Programme to fellow students and helping iuraverse collaborate with your college faculty in order to host events or seminars. You will also be responsible for digital marketing and campus reach of iuraverse.

Are there any fees?


There are NO fees associated with this programme.


Does this programme take a lot of your time?


This programme is very flexible and every task or activity is designed not to take up too much of your time but to have the maximum amount of impact.


Will you get any certification?


Yes, you will be eligible for an internship certificate after finishing your tenure.


Why are you waiting for? Contact me at or WhatsApp us at +91 93262 47985.

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