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About Us

While the Country is struggling to revamp the legal education system, We at Being Vakil is striving to ensure quality legal education for its students. We have the vision to become a leading global platform for Law Education by cutting down on complexity in legal language and bridging the gap between theory and practical laws. Every day, we brainstorm on the below pain points:




                                                  Complexity in Legal Education

                                                                                                           Low Legal awareness among masses


                                                Challenge in launching law career

                                                                                                          Difficulty in getting mentorship






                                                                          IT'S OUR VISION THAT KEEPS US ALIVE! 

What do we believe in?

  • Integrity

  • Persistence

  • Quality

  • Team Work

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We work on:

  • Practical Approach by using Moot Courts

  • Industry Connect

  • Expert Sessions

  • Internship Opportunities

  • Learn through LIVE cases


Meet the team


Shweta Sudhir


Shweta is a Lawyer turned Entrepreneur. After 10 years of practice, she decided to shape Legal Education. She has won several awards for her contribution in Legal industry.

Akshay photo.jpg

Akshay Sathe


Akshay is an engineer turned Lawyer & Entrepreneur. He brings several years of corporate strategies experiences in Being Vakil. 

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Dr Shrikant Mulik

Co-founder, CTO

Dr Shrikant has done PhD from NMIMS and MBA from IIT Bombay. He has a proven track record of tech solutions development and consulting in India, USA, Germany and South Africa.


Prasanna Hardikar


Prasanna is a veteran in the industry of academics with more than 20 years of experience. He has authored several books. His experience and strategies are helpful for the growth of Being Vakil.

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