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We started iuraverse with a vision to make justice accessible for all. When we talk about ‘accessibility’, we emphasize more on its timely delivery. Our Indian Judiciary is burdened with more than 4 Crore pending cases, low resources of the judiciary and increasing litigations (23K new Court cases every day).

The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely unfortunate and has necessitated change. This change embraced the integration of technology into the justice system. Due to this, justice is now no longer associated with a place. Over time, the legitimate use of technology in dispute resolution has paved the way for accessible justice. In this way, the availability of technology has prepared India for a potential game-changing transformation in the justice delivery framework – Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).

ODR is often understood as e-ADR or tech-enabled ADR. It should be noted that ADR is a parent system and ODR’s potential benefits can extend beyond the horizon, such as in terms of resolving disputes and in dispute containment, dispute avoidance, and promotion of legal awareness.

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