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iuraODR: resolve commercial disputes effectively & securely

  • Streamlined Dispute Resolution Process

  • Accessible & Confidential

  • Transparent Communication & Collaboration

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Adhering to UNCITRAL and Arbitration & Conciliation Law

Customized Resolution Process

Accessible Anytime Anywhere

Streamlined Dispute Resolution Process For Any Commercial Dispute

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Soch (सोच)

Pre-litigation mediation service


- Experienced Mediators

- Online Mediation Sessions

- Voluntary & Non-binding

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Nivaran (निवारण)

Online Dispute Resolution

- Virtual Hearings
- Digital Awards & Decisions
- Time & Cost efficiency

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Sankalpa (संकल्प)

Early Neutral Evaluation

- Expert Evaluators
- Balanced Perspective
- Facilitated Discussions

Accessible, Anytime, Anywhere

iuraODR procedure is user-friendly and easy to adopt. It adheres to the pre-established rules by the iuraverse ODR Policy


01. Log in to iuraODR

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02. Complete KYC and Dispute Form

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03. Other party get notified

04. First call with Case Manager and selection of Neutral unanimously

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05. Completion of documentation using eSigning and eStamping

06. Virtual Hearings, Evidences and Discovery

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07. Award/Settlement Agreement sent to all parties for eSigning and execution

Access to Justice for all. Request demo

Who should use iuraODR?


Companies and organizations can utilize iuraODR to address disputes with customers, clients, suppliers, or other businesses. It provides a convenient and efficient platform for managing and resolving commercial disputes.

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Courts and Judicial System

Courts or judicial systems can explore the implementation of iuraODR to enhance their existing dispute resolution processes. It can be utilized to handle certain types of cases online, reducing the burden on the court system and providing convenience to parties involved.

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Legal Professionals

Lawyers, attorneys, or legal practitioners can incorporate iuraODR into their practice to offer online dispute resolution services to their clients. It can streamline their dispute resolution workflow and provide an additional avenue for resolving cases.

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Courts and Judicial System

Government Agencies

Government agencies responsible for overseeing dispute resolution, consumer protection, or labor relations can consider iuraODR as a means to offer online resolution services, ensuring accessibility and efficiency for the public.

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